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Thank you for your payment, and ordering from me! Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt has been emailed to you.

Here is everything I'll need to make your custom cage cover for you and your best friend.  Please print this form, fill in all the information needed, then either text to me at 707-499-5233, or send it as an e-mail to

     Design category and number  
     Babies' Name, and/or short saying  
Cage type:   Arch/Dome, Flat top, Playtop  
Cover type:    Wrap around or over the top  
Fabric type: Denim, twill, quilted, other  
Total length of cover  
Arch height (if applicable)  
Arch across front/back or sides?  
Cage width  
Cage depth  
Anything sticking out?  
     If so, location  
     If so, dimension  
Velcro opening on side?  
For play top cage:  
   Arched supports?  
   V supports?  
   Perch runs side to side?  
   One perch or two perches?  
   Distance from perch to top of cage  

Please mention any show or mart, and the date, to receive promotional offers